Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne by Gutter Wiz

There are various ways that householders can try clean the exterior of their houses beginning with a bucket and broom and some strong chemical. Pressure cleaning and water blasting in Melbourne should be done with a certain method. And, if done incorrectly, it will make more mess and ‘cause possible injury.

Gutter Wiz use high pressure water blasting equipment to clean & rejuvenate dirty surfaces. We can clean all types of surfaces in all types of property including domestic, commercial and industrial. Our pressure cleaning in Melbourne can effectively rejuvenate – but not limited to – the following surfaces

  • Paving
  • Paths
  • Concrete
  • Cladding
  • Decks
  • Eaves
  • Fascias Furniture – Outdoor Gutters External, Gutters
  • High Homes, Homes,
  • Pergolas, Polycarbonate Roofing, Roofs,
  • Sandstone, Slate, Walls, Windows

* Please contact us if you require something pressure cleaned that’s not on this list!

In Melbourne’s often damp winter months, many outdoor surfaces can stay wet and develop a buildup of green algae. The concrete and paving – not quite as nice as it used to look – eventually becoming slippery and dangerous.

Even timber decks will lose their nice look and get slippery when exposed to the elements and not maintained.

Again in the hotter months of Melbourne dry winds carry dust around which ends up on roofs, walls, path’s, outdoor furniture and windows etc. Have you ever paid attention to your outside walls, fascias, gutters – noticed a buildup of dust and grime?

Then there are bayside suburbs and The Mornington Peninsula. Here we can ad sand and salt blowing onto the property. While homeowners may pay close attention to the cleaning of easier, more accessible areas of their property, we often tend to forget those areas which are harder to access and yet need cleaning every so often. This is where a professional Pressure Cleaning – (also referred to as Water Blasting) – service like Gutter Wiz can deliver the best possible results.

One of the major reasons for doing regular pressure cleaning in Melbourne and on The Mornington Peninsula is to get the property absolutely clean thereby preventing a buildup of dirt and grime, leading to premature decay and degeneration. Following are other reasons to undertake thorough pressure cleaning/washing in Melbourne:

  • Pressure cleaning gives your property a fresh look thereby increasing its value
  • Pressure cleaning removes the tough dirt on walls, concrete pathways, paving, driveways and most other surfaces
  • Pressure cleaning reduces the need for hard scrubbing and harsh chemicals
  • Cost-effective, improves the look and increases the life of your property