Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

SolarPanel06Solar panels get dirty! Like windows the more dirt the less light will travel through them. Unfortunately as the panels are mostly mounted on roofs they are more exposed to the elements than windows.

At Gutter Wiz we can clean your solar panels using a 100% envoironmentally friendly pure water filtration system. Using De-ionised and filtered water we can effectively clean the panels without any chemicals or harsh scrubbing. Using a soft applicator brush the water literally absorbs the dirt and mineral deposits. The dirt is washed away and the panels dry clean without the need for any squeegies.

Why clean Solar Panels?

  • Dirty solar panels can reduce performance by up to 20%, costing you money.
  • Some manufacturers require cleaning to keep warranty valid.
  • Cleaning dirt and chemical build up will increase the life of your panels.
  • Dont risk your safety, leave the high work to the professionals

What makes solar panels dirty?

  • Bird and animal droppings
  • Dirt, Dust and Ash
  • Tree debris and pollens
  • Industrial pollutants
  • Ocean spray and salts